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The Glens of Antrim and North Antrim Coast are amongst the most beautiful on the island of Ireland. Why not take in these breathtaking locations on one of our state of the art E-Bikes? Fully charged and powered, these are ready for you to take off on an adventure around the local areas. We’ve created some suggested routes for you to take, such as to the famous Slemish Mountain, Cranny Waterfalls in nearby Carnlough village, or the Glenarm Glens. Whether you like the to stay by the seaside or venture deep into the countryside, an E-Bike is the ideal mode of transport.

Hire includes the E-Bike, safety helmet and high visibility jacket as well as local advice and on-site support from our expertly trained staff. We also have standard bikes for children aged 5 and up, with safety helmet and high visibility jacket included. Also available but extremely limited is our multi-purpose trailer, perfect to take toddlers, the picnic or the bucket and spade. 

Why not book an E-Bike if you are staying in one of our Ocean View Pods? The perfect combination for your next getaway.

The E-Bikes are limited and are available for full day, half day and weekend bookings. 

If you would like some more information on our E-Bikes, please give us a call on 02828841203 (option 1).

Check out our suggested routes above.

T&Cs apply.

Our team are on hand for any enquiries, please email [email protected] or call 028 28841 203.

For more information, see our FAQs.


You ride an E-Bike in exactly the same way as a pedal bike. The difference is that when you pedal, the motor kicks in to help you. There are various motor settings so it is possible to cycle without making any effort at all. Alternatively, you can switch the motor off and ride your bike conventionally.

Treat an E-Bike just the same as a normal bike. Download our handy map of the Antrim Coast and Glens for accessible cycling routes (map kindly provided by the Antrim Coast and Glens Heritage Trust)

No not at all, again treat it the same as a regular bike.

You need to be 14 years or older to legally be allowed to ride an E-Bike in the UK. However we do offer standard bikes for children aged below 14 (subject to availability).

No it does not. All of our E-Bike are fully charged before you set off.

To put it simply, riding an E-Bike, is just like riding your normal bike. Just with help from the integrated motor.

With relaxed pedalling expect 22-60 miles on a single charge for most E-Bikes. Range is very much dependent on a number of varying factors, from the hills you want to climb, terrain, wind and rider weight. The E-Bike will let you pedal manually if the charge runs out, so don’t worry you can always get back to the Estate.

Generally speaking the electronic items on all of our E-Bike here are sealed units, from the motor to battery to the head unit/display. They are all weatherproof and have been designed for all purpose use i.e. mountain biking, deep puddles, rain, your E-Bike is expected to be able to handle this without any issues. We strongly ask that you try not to completely submerge the E-Bike.

Unfortunately all of our E-Bike are not suitable to be placed on a car rack and we ask that you cycle from place to place rather than moving the bike manually via a car.

The E-Bike hire operates from a unit above the Tea Room. You must check in to our Welcome Centre first and a staff member will direct you to the course.

Adults and children should be dressed appropriately for the weather outdoors. We will provide you with a safety helmet and high visibility jacket.

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