A Mild Autumn

> A Mild Autumn

The mild autumn weather continues and many of the late flowering plants are out in full flower. Aralia elata is looking gorgeous with its huge heads of pink flowers, fading to white. Autumn colour is gradually appearing with Parrotia persica and many of the Cherries beginning to colour. The doorway to the new Woodland Garden is being prepared now and many exciting new woodland plants are being set out awaiting their delivery to Glenarm. In the meantime, the weaknesses of each of the borders are being noted, so that these deficiencies can be made good for next season. Many cuttings are being prepared now and soon the propagator will be entirely full. Seeds are being sourced not just for the vegetable garden, but also for a series of biennials which will be sown under glass in mid-November for planting out next May. Hesperis matronalis, (Sweet Rocket), Ami majus, Cosmos sulphureus, Erysimum, Dianthus barbatus, (Sweet William) and Angelica gigas, will all find a place in the borders next year. Seed of Chionochloa conspicua, Plumed Tussock Grass, Metrosideros umbellata, the Southern Rata, which flowers in early July in Northern Ireland, Clinathus puniceus, the Lobster Claw and the Large Mountain Daisy, Celmisia semicordata, have all been ordered from New Zealand. Very exciting!

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