Cooking The Cuttings

> Cooking The Cuttings

Late summer is a great time to take semi-ripe cuttings. At the moment, we have Abutilon ‘Nabob’, Buddleja colvilei, Lonicera brownii ‘Dropmore Scarlet’, Senecio glastifolius, Pelargonium ‘Paul Crampel’, Streptosolen jamesonii and Salvia confertoflora “cooking” on the bench. We will be sowing seed of short-lived spring flowering perennials soon, such as Cerastium, Lithodora and Iberis.


Unfortunately, some of our newly planted Apple step-overs have Apple Canker and four of them had to be dug up and burned before it spread to the others. If we can replant with fresh clean plants this winter, they will soon catch up with the others.


Our modified Japanese Tomato cordons are bringing in a mighty crop of fruit this year. This system involves stopping the main stem above a lateral and flower truss. This slows down the flower production increasing the likelihood of flowers setting into fruit. It effectively puts all the fruit trusses onto spurs.


We found an old metal plant rack and have a display of glasshouse Fuchsias with just a few other plants such as Poor Man’s Orchid, (Schizanthus) and Chinese Foxglove, (Rehmannia). Some of the showiest Fuchsia have been F. ‘Champagne Celebration’ and although not particularly showy, a lovely white and pink, almost Triphylla type Fuchsia called F. ‘Roger de Cooker’. These need to be watered individually after the plants have all been carefully picked over of any seed pods, dying petals and leaves. This will help to prevent a build-up of Grey Mould in the humid, autumnal air. Watering is done carefully with a watering can, so as not to wet the foliage.

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